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National Network for Sustainable Living Education (NNSLE)

NNSLE was created at the 2004 ANREP Conference in Wheeling, WV, under the leadership ofNNSLE Logo Viviane Simon-Brown (retired), Oregon State University. It began with 13 members from six states plus USDA CSREES, and has grown to over 80 members representing 19 U.S. universities, two international universities, USDA-NIFA, and two organizations.

NNSLE’s purpose is to connect colleagues who are engaged in “sustainability” education. At first, many members were the only Extension professionals in their state working on sustainability; currently many states have excellent programs that focus on multiple aspects of sustainability, as well as climate science and climate change.

NNSLE’s goal is to “Improve quality of life and reduce environmental degradation by fostering new consumption patterns and sustainable lifestyles through NIFA Extension programs, by building an Extension network to investigate, educate, and model sustainable living practices to individuals, families, communities, institutions, businesses, camps, and schools.” We define “sustainable living” as an ethic of stewardship in which our desire for fulfilling and productive lives is thoughtfully and consciously balanced with the social, economic, and environmental security of life on Earth, now and for future generations.

With support from our partners in USDA-NIFA, NNSLE members connect through monthly conference calls during which we learn about each other’s program; share resources, research, and information; and work on NNSLE projects. We hold a strategic planning meeting every two years at the national ANREP conference.

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NNSLE Webinar Series:  To find out more or to view one of our free on-demand webinars, click here.

NNSLE ResourcesAdditonal Resources:  See the complete list of NNSLE resources here.

For more information about NNSLE and how you can get involved, please contact Linda Seals or Alicia Betancourt, NNSLE Directors. To join the listserv, please contact Liz Yongue at


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