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Fall 2001

What's In this Issue:

President's Report

Please join me in congratulating the Association and its members for all of the excellent work being done on behalf of Natural Resource Extension Professionals everywhere. Here are some of the highlights:

ANREP membership is growing. We now have a new brochure and a system of "State Champions" who recruit and support the organization within each of the states. Mike Kroenke will be taking the ANREP executive board through a strategic planning process when we meet later this month. Joe Schaefer and his colleagues are planning a great 2002 annual conference in Naples, Fla.

ANREP is receiving respect and recognition within Extension. Bill Hubbard, Mike Kroenke, and I attended the summer JCEP meeting in Portland, ME, where we now enjoy an excellent working relationship with our sister organizations. We have a seat on the ECOP Budget Committee for the next three years. Nancy Mesner, USU Water Quality Specialist, and I are serving on the Galaxy II Conference planning committee. ANREP will be represented at the Public Issues Leadership Development Conference in Arlington, VA in April. Finally, I was an invited speaker at the opening of NAE4-HA's annual conference in Bismarck, ND.

National Fire Plan Proposal-- A group of Extension foresters was convened in Denver by Larry Biles, National Forestry Program Leader, to develop a proposal to the NFP for funding and authorization for Extension to provide educational programs concerning fire preparedness to communities, organizations, and the general public.

Charles W. (Chuck) Gay, president

Third Biennial Conference Update

Plans are well underway for another great ANREP national conference to be held June 2-5, 2002 in Naples, Florida. ANREP national conferences are selected largely on the basis of outstanding natural ecosystems that can be visited nearby, and this conference will be no exception. Field trips have been planned to an old growth cypress swamp, a regional watershed that empties into a sawgrass marsh, and a coastal mangrove ecosystem. The conference program committee is meeting in November to select oral and poster presentations from the 149 abstracts received, and to develop a program that matches the diverse membership of ANREP. Topics include: exotic species, fish wildlife, forest management, growth management/land use planning, home environment, innovative delivery technologies, integrating research, extension and instruction, international/multi-cultural projects, natural resource industries and businesses, professional development, program development and evaluation, public policy/issues education, range management, recreation, rural/urban interface, sea grant, volunteer programs, water quality quantity and youth education.

ANREP Promotes Collaboration with NACAA

Bill Hubbard, Immediate Past Chair of ANREP, was invited to attend and participate in the various functions of the National Association of County Agriculture Agents (NACAA) annual meeting August 5-9, 2001 in Albuquerque, NM. He reports that there was quite an interest from a number of NACAA members about our organization and working more closely together particularly in professional and program development. NACAA is looking for ways to improve their capacity to do natural resource programming, particularly multi-state and distance learning (satellite, video, internet, correspondence courses, etc) programs. Next year's NACAA meeting will be held in Savannah, Georgia. They are planning some forestry and natural resource field trips/tours and encourage ANREP members to attend. Bill reminds us that we can check the website for links to all our sister organizations and their annual meeting plans.

Regional Spotlight: Nation's Capitol

Terrorism Concerns

USDA and CSREES are changing how mail is received and opened. All incoming letter and package mail will be screened, opened and visually inspected at an off-site facility. This includes all mail delivered by commercial couriers such Federal Express or UPS. A one-day delay for express packages and a 2-3 day delay for all other mail are expected. The primary concern at CSREES remains ecoterrorism to research facilities, like that experienced by the University of Washington.

The 2002 Farm Bill

The 2002 Farm Bill made its way through the House and is working towards the Senate. The conservation section devotes over $16 billion over 10 years to soil, water and wildlife programs, a 75% increase in baseline spending. The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is reauthorized through 2011 with a 39.5 million-acre enrollment cap. The Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) is reauthorized through 2011 and provides for an additional 150,000 acres per year. A Grassland Reserve Program authorizes 2 million acres to be enrolled in 10, 15 and 20 year contracts, including 1 million acres to native grass and 1 million acres devoted to restored grasslands.

RREA--Sunset or Reauthorization?

The House Version of the Farm Bill Reauthorizes the Renewable Resources Extension Act through 2011 at $30 million annually. It also creates a Sustainable Forestry Outreach Initiative within the RREA to provide education to landowners about sustainable forestry practices. What to do with RREA is a key issue, and what came out of the House was somewhat unexpected, but positive. Testimony included that of Eric Bendfeldt, Extension Agent, Environmental Sciences, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Harrisonburg, VA.

National 4-H Invitational

Alabama took top honors at the National 4-H Forestry Invitational held at Jackson's Mill State 4-H Camp near Weston, WV. The team competed against 13 other states to win the twenty-second annual Invitational, a four-day event sponsored by International Paper Company Foundation. At the Invitational, students compete for overall team and individual awards in tree identification, tree measurement, forest insect and disease identification, forest evaluation, and the Forestry Bowl.

2001 Canon Envirothon Contest

A truly warm southern welcome awaited the arrival of 49 teams at Hinds College in Raymond, Mississippi for the 2001 Canon Envirothon. The team from North East High School, Pennsylvania, won the overall contest, and each team member received a $3,000 scholarship. Participants enjoyed an opening ceremony with three parachutists presenting flags, the Mississippi Natural Science Museum, a traditional southern catfish dinner and the Rapids Water Park. The 2002 contest will be held at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Initiative for future Agriculture and Food Systems (IFAFS)

This legislation authorizes the secretary of Agriculture to establish a research, extension and education competitive grants program to address a number of critical emerging agricultural issues. In 2001, one priority program area was natural resource management, including precision agriculture. Favored proposals were to be multi-state, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary, or integrated agricultural research, extension, and/or education proposals. The results of the 2001 competition await action by the US Secretary of Agriculture.

U. Missouri Forestry Completes Departmental Review

Go Tigers!

One of the functions of USDA is to review a University Department's research, teaching and extension/outreach efforts. These reviews come at the request of the University. About 100 requests are made annually, but only 5-6 requests from natural resources. The most recent review team consisted of nine peer and external members.

Input From Stakeholders

The 1998 Farm Bill directed the Secretary of Agriculture to solicit input from Cooperative State Research Education and Extension program (CSREE) stakeholders. The last of four listening sessions was held in New Orleans on Oct. 25. Written comments may be made up to Nov. 11, 2001.


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