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Fall 2002

What's In this Issue:

Presidents Report by Mike Kroenke

ANREP is moving in a very positive direction with many dedicated Natural Resource Extension Professionals stepping forward and volunteering time, energy and expertise. Natural resource Extension issues are at the heart of the quality of life we all hold dear. Together we are making a tremendous difference in protecting and enhancing these resources through unique and innovative programs, by sharing expertise, and helping others to form consensus on complex natural resource issues.

I recently returned from a 25 year Alaskan reunion of sorts…an opportunity to see old country, and renew old friendships in a special place in my heart where I had once worked. Our family visited our son at the wilderness National Park of Lake Clark across the Cook Inlet from Anchorage. We floated the Wild Kijik River catching grayling, salmon and Lake Trout in Lake Clark. Visited with an old timer who remembered President Jimmy Carter and former Governor Jay Hammond who had a hand in establishing these treasurers.

I was told by some Europeans, “Europe has its castles and cathedrals, Northern Africa has its pyramids, but America has its wilderness areas”. We are indeed fortunate to be working in our chosen professions.

Election Results

The Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals (ANREP) completed their 2003 elections on September 26, 2002. Scott Reed, Associate Dean and Extension Program Leader, College of Forestry, Oregon State University, was voted President-elect. He will join Joe Schaefer (Incoming President) and Mike Kroenke (Upcoming Past-President), Janean Creighton (Secretary), Deborah B. Hill (Treasurer), Mindy Habecker (North Central Regional Chair) and Jonathan Kays (Northern Regional Chair) on ANREP’s Executive Committee. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to place their names on the ballot. We would not be as successful without this involvement.

Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference

May 4-7, 2003

Doubletree Hotel, Arlington, VA

This conference, sponsored by the Joint Council of Extension Professional, including ANREP, will connect participants with national leaders in Washington, DC and with Extension colleagues from across the US. Participants will learn what makes Washington DC tick, how to effectively work with decision makers back home, spend a day “on the Hill” meeting with Congressional delegations, and gain understanding of the “big picture” and how it relates to programs back home.


September 21-25, 2003

Salt Lake City, Utah

The theme “Exceeding Expectations Through Teamwork” definitely applies to the Galaxy Planning Committee. Contracts have been signed with the four major hotels, requests for proposals for concurrent sessions and poster sessions are being finalized, the website is up and running, tour and special event details set and keynote speakers secured. One speaker will address the topic of Generational Issues Made Easy. Another will look at teamwork. Special events during Galaxy II will include a Sunday morning presentation by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (arranged for Galaxy II participants), Sunday evening welcome event with special music, Friendship Event including a barbecue dinner at Heritage Park and the ever-popular ESP Silent Auction.

4-H Wildlife Stewards Program Goes National

Oregon State Univ. Extension is going national with a successful program developed with a grant from the National Science Foundation. Young people work side-by-side with adult 4-H Wildlife Stewards to transform small plots of land into wildlife habitats. Oregon 4-H Wildlife Stewards will soon be recruiting Extension faculty from across the nation to serve on a national dissemination team. Team members will be flown to Oregon to attend a three-day 4-H Wildlife Stewards event where they will be trained as Master Science Educator Volunteers. For more information contact: Maureen Hosty, Project Director, at


There are many extension professionals who could benefit from and contribute to ANREP but aren’t yet doing so. ANREP champions are members who represent ANREP and build and maintain membership in their state. The following states/territories still need ANREP champions: Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Alaska, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Wyoming. If your state doesn’t have an ANREP Champion, feel free to sign on! A job description is available on the ANREP web site. Questions? Contact your regional ANREP chair, Chris Schnepf ( or Don Hanley (

Online Bird-Monitoring Program

The University of Florida's Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation invites partners to join in their new online bird-monitoring program. The goal is to provide an accessible bird-monitoring program that allows people to integrate bird-monitoring activities into extension and other educational programs. Homeowners, youth and professionals can enter and view collected bird survey data on the website. Bird surveys can be conducted anywhere and by people with all levels of bird identification skills. Fact sheets on standardized survey protocols and a teacher's guide are available. For more information, contact Dr. Mark Hostetler at 352-846-0568 (

New International Journal - Small-Scale Forestry

This journal is dedicated to publishing research articles relating to small-scale forestry, family forestry, and nonindustrial private forestry. It is the journal of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), Small-scale Forestry Group. The first issue features articles from Germany, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Australia, USA, and the Philippines. The journal is published in February and August, subscriptions rates are: Individual US$25 and Institution US$60. For a complimentary copy contact: Dr. John Herbohn, Managing Editor,

More From FANREP

Florida Extension recognized FANREP Award recipients at their annual Extension Professionals Conference in Panama City Beach in September. They were: Alice Kersey, Distinguished Service; Liberta Scotto, New Professional; John Alleyne and Frank Melton for Individual Programs Excellence. FANREP also supported 11 abstract publications and presentations during the Conference.

Spotlight on the Northeast

New York to Organize State Chapter

Bruce Wilkins, Professor Emeritus of Natural Resource Policy at Cornell University reports that 20+ members of ANREP in NY are meeting in mid-Oct. to adopt by-laws, elect officers, and set an agenda for the year. An awards committee is receiving nominations for Career Leadership, Early Career Leadership, Innovative Program Team, and Outstanding Partner. They are also making plans for an annual legislators gathering in the state capital, where Legislators and staff may learn of state needs/achievements in extension natural resources educational programming.

Long Island Storm Surge Project

Helping coastal communities understand the potential impacts of sea level rise and climate change on their communities is a goal of Sea Grant nationally, and in New York State. New York Sea Grant has been working with the federal, state and local agencies to help two Long Island communities prepare for coastal storms and flooding in a program called the Long Island Storm Surge Project. Everyone living in the effected areas was mailed educational materials that showed areas prone to flooding, and provided storm preparedness information. For additional information contact Jay Tanski, New York Sea Grant,

From the Woods

This is a new publication series about natural resources and wood products in Pennsylvania. Designed for middle and high school youth, the pages are short, full-color, and engaging. To assist teachers and other educators in the use of the From the Woods series, lesson plans, pre tests, and post tests have been developed for each publication. These can be accessed, along with a PDF for each publication in the series, at the web site. Contact Sanford Smith,

Smart Growth Toolbox

Pennsylvania and New York Cooperative Extension have developed an on-line toolbox to assist community leaders, newly elected officials, extension educators, and community technical assistance providers understand smart growth issues and community development processes. Each tool within the toolbox follows a similar approach: first defining a problem or issue, describing methods for analyzing the problem, discussion on how the information can be used in community development programs, and providing a list of resources for more detailed materials and links to technical assistance providers. While the toolbox is primarily intended for rural communities of New York and Pennsylvania, the tools will help anyone interested in community development.

Forest Communities of the Eastern US

The USFS Northeast Experiment Station, Virginia Tech and EPA collaborated to produce an interactive map of counties where youth can go to get forestry information about their county. Based on Forestry Inventory and Analysis (FIA) data, students can find the 10 most common trees, landowner and forest cover information, and much more. Data is presented in a highly engaging way and is linked to the Dendrology fact sheets developed at VA Tech. Youth are encouraged to take this information and conduct tree-planting projects in their community.


Consider volunteering.


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