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Summer 2003

What's In this Issue:

  • President’s Report
  • Call for Nominations and Committees
  • 2004 ANREP Conference
  • Galaxy II
  • News from Sea Grant Extension
  • News from ANREP Committees
  • Reports, Meetings
  • Spotlight on the North Central Region

  • Presidents Report

    “Every Hun is responsible for shaping life’s circumstances and experiences into success – no other Hun, and certainly no Roman, can do for a Hun what he neglects to do for himself.” (From Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun).

    This quick read reminded me that, unlike the Huns, Extension professionals have a network that helps us to enhance our professional lives.

    For example, President-elect Scott Reed and I participated recently in a 2-day Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) Leadership Advisory Council meeting. ECOP is composed of about 15 state Extension Directors and others who work as a body to initiate strategic planning and to identify nationwide issues that lead to program and budget priorities. The Advisory Council to ECOP consists of Extension Association representatives, the USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service (CSREES) National Program Leaders and others representing various disciplines.

    Our group suggested that ECOP develop a national educational delivery system (e-Extension); enhancement of a system that allows rapid dissemination of information to all extension professionals; using established competencies for recruitment, employment and training; better integration of System and equity among institutions; Innovators Institute to bring people together to brainstorm; and knowledge management using technology. Most Advisory Council members felt that ECOP administrators listened and that our meeting opened new communication channels within the System.

    Please share YOUR ideas on how we can best use OUR system to help shape your life’s circumstances and experiences into successes.

    Joe Schaefer

    ANREP Call For Nominations

    Mike Kroenke, Past President and chair of the nominating committee is seeking nominations for Western and Southern regional reps, President-elect, and Treasurer. Election results will be announced at the ANREP Business Meeting at Galaxy II this September.

    ANREP Committee Opportunities

    Individuals interested in serving on a committee should contact their regional representative for more information. ANREP committees and their chairpersons are:

    Membership Chris Schnepf

    Awards Mel Baughman

    Communication/Newsletter Jeff Kirwan

    Nomination Past president

    Finance and Audit vacant

    Policy and Bylaws Jonathon Kays

    Emerging Issues vacant

    Prof. Leadership Dev. vacant

    State Chapters Ken Gioeli

    Strategic Planning V. Simon-Brown

    First Announcement and Call for Abstracts

    4th Natural Resource Extension Professionals Conference

    “Extension Outside the Box: Natural Resources Programming Across Landscapes”

    May 16-19, 2004

    Oglebay Resort and Conference Center

    Wheeling, West Virginia


    This is THE national conference for all Extension professionals, including ANREP, 4-H and FCS. It will be held September 21–25, 2003 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Register by July 31 and save $50.

    Auction Items Needed For Galaxy II

    Donated items will benefit ANREP. They should be “something unique that represents your culture, community or geographic area, hobby or special interest,” and valued at $30 or more. Higher valued items will be placed in a “live auction” as determined by auction committee members. See details.

    News From Sea Grant Extension

    Papers from a team of USDA and Sea Grant extension staff have been accepted for the American Fisheries Society annual meeting. Papers represent Extension programs at county, state, and national levels, and address the theme of restoring wild fish populations.

    News From ANREP Committees

    The finance committee is drafting guidelines for major investments in travel/scholarships for members. The membership committee is recruiting in British Columbia and making plans for Galaxy II. Regional JCEP meetings were attended in Northeast and Northwest regions- attendees agree that it was a good thing that ANREP was represented, but question the value to ANREP as a new professional organization.

    Reports, Meetings, Etc

    Enhancing the Southern Appalachian Forest Resource, Hendersonville, NC. Oct. 2-3.

    Building Capacity Through Collaboration, International Union of Forestry Research Organizations, Troutdale, OR. Sept. 28 - Oct. 3.

    Spotlight on the North Central Region

    Agro forestry in Minnesota

    UMN Extension is investigating silvopasture, alleycropping, wellhead protection, windbreaks, shelterbelts and living snow fences. Hybrid poplars are receiving attention both for reducing nitrogen about wellheads and as short rotation (< 15 yrs.) crops. A Certified Hybrid Poplar Producer Training program will introduce potential producers to the crop and provide security for lending organizations. Contact Mike Demchik (218-894-5167) or Bob Stommes (320-634-5735).

    Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife

    This project employs 4-H youth to help control purple loosestrife, an invasive wetland plant. Sea Grant College staff from Indianan, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and faculty from the Illinois Natural History Survey adapted formal classroom curriculum for informal youth audiences. The curriculum teaches 4-Hers to raise and release Galerucella beetles into wetlands to help control purple loosestrife. Contact Natalie Carroll, 654.494.8433.

    Phytosanitary Standards to affect solid wood packaging

    An international treaty requiring treatment of pallets and other solid wood packaging used in overseas shipments will create new expenses for industry. UMN Extension conducted three meetings to specifically address the requirements. For more information, contact Mike Reichenbach, UMN Extension Educator, Cloquet Forestry Center, 218-879-0850 ext 123.

    Specialty Forest Products programming in Minnesota

    “Goods From the Woods” is a two-day event that will showcase Minnesota’s specialty forest products (SFPs), including birch bark, maple and birch sap, herbs, medicinals, tree tops used as decoratives, and boughs used as holiday greenery. Event will be held in Grand Rapids, MN on Sept. 27 and 28. Credit: Kathleen Preece, Better FOREST magazine. Contact Julie Miedtke, UMN Extension, 218-327-4177.

    Best Management Practices for Environmental Field Days

    Over 75% of Minnesota Counties support environmental field days for K-12 youth, and the investment of time is significant. Seven BMP’s were identified through a research project, providing guidelines for delivery and planning. Contact Amy Rager, Regional Extension Educator, UMN, 320-669-4471.

    Ohio Woodland Stewards (OWS) program

    This is a joint effort between Ohio State University and the Ohio DNR. Coverts was added to the curriculum in 2002. Team members presented 13 classes to over 500 Ohioans; 89% were first time attendees and represented nearly 12,000 acres of privately owned forestland. The web site says it all!

    Culvert/Erosion Control video and workshop series

    Improper sizing and installation of culverts causes excessive roadway washouts and is a financial drain on local governments. Environmental effects include trout stream sedimentation and degradation of spawning habitat. Copies of the video can be obtained free of charge by contacting Mike Kroenke, UWEX Lake Superior Basin Educator for Natural Resources, 715-685-2674.


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