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Winter 2003

What's In this Issue:

Presidents Report by Joe Schaefer

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen

If Woody is correct, then ANREP has registered huge successes this past year and is positioned to add more accomplishments in 2003. Over 240 participated in the National ANREP Conference in Florida; two special pre-conference training sessions were offered; 48 members received 33 awards; many participated in the ANREP membership and strategic planning surveys; three electronic newsletters were published; the website was redesigned; ANREP secured a seat on the Policy and Budget Committees of ECOP (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy); two state affiliates were formed (Florida and New York); and membership reached a milestone of 340.

This year offers more exciting opportunities for ANREP members. The awards program will continue to acknowledge excellence in programming; several more states are on the verge of forming state chapters; some members will become more actively involved by serving on committees that were developed through your strategic planning efforts; the newsletter will be in its 5th year (also sent to all state directors); ANREP will bring your issues to ECOP; members will participate in the Galaxy II and PILD conferences, and attend regional ANREP meetings at the JCEP Regional Leadership Workshops.

Your regional representatives (West – Viviane Simon-Brown, North Central – Mindy Habecker, Northeast – Jonathon Kays, and South – Ben Jackson) are ready, willing and able to answer your questions, bring your suggestions to the Board, and help you to get what you want out of ANREP. Our Association will be most successful if we all “show up” and get involved.

Fish and Wildlife Specialists to Meet

The 10th annual national meeting of Extension F& W Specialists will take place in Little Rock, AK, April 3-6. Meeting highlights include: a workshop on emerging wildlife diseases, meeting the new National Program Leader for Fisheries and Wildlife, and a focus group discussion on the relevance of extension in the 21st century.

NY Chapter

The second state chapter of ANREP was officially formed in October with 20 persons gathered at a conference in Ithaca, NY. Sheila Myers, Extension Educator from Syracuse was elected President. Three NY Extension Educators received awards for exemplary programs. Employees of EPA Region 2 were recognized as outstanding partners.

Idaho Chapter

Chris Schnepf reports that Idaho plans to hold its first state chapter meeting in Salmon, Idaho sometime in June 2003. Tentative agenda includes: completion of bylaws, election of officers, plans for the future, a raft trip, field tour, and a goat barbeque!

JCEP Award - Excellence in Teamwork

The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2003. Two awards of $1000 each will be presented.

Help Wanted

Susan Donaldson [] is leading an effort at Washington State to write water quality protection plans and is looking for examples of where communities have integrated water quality protection into development plans in a cost-effective manner.

Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) Conference

May 4-7, 2003, Doubletree Hotel, Arlington, VA

Attendees will connect with national leaders in Washington, DC and with Extension colleagues from across the US, learn how to effectively work with decision makers back home, and spend a day “on the Hill” meeting with Congressional delegations. Sponsored by JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) which includes ANREP.

GALAXY II – A national conference for ALL Extension professionals

September 21-25, 2003, Salt Lake City, Utah

Deadline for proposals is Jan. 30. Conference theme is “Exceeding Expectations Through Teamwork.” Check out the web site for special tours and events, including a Sunday morning presentation by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (arranged for Galaxy II participants); and trips to Mirror Lake, High Uinta Wilderness Area, Cottonwood Canyon, Sundance Ski Resort, and Antelope Island.

Spotlight on the West

Rethinking the American Dream

Supporting the American Dream

OSU Extension Specialist Viviane Simone-Brown offers these two new information pieces in the effort to get Americans to reconsider their consumptive ways. The first is a new video on sustainable living. The second describes a traveling art show where 24 Oregon artists explore how consumers are linked to forests.

One-Act Play to star ANREP members

Janean Creighton (WSU Wildlife Extension Coordinator and a former professional actor!) and Viviane Simon-Brown at OSU are producing a one-act play about people and forests. It will be performed 'live' by 'real' actors in Oregon and Washington, and the script will be an Extension publication. Anyone have ideas for funding the project?

Pacific Northwest Regional Water Quality Bulletins

These bulletins discuss ways to protect streams and riparian areas and suggest further resources for landowners and managers. They are targeted to varying classes of land use as well as differing geographic regions of the northwest. More information: Marilyn Freeman, Cooperative Extension Liaison, EPA Region 10. Tel. 206-553-0038.

Living on the Land: Stewardship for Small Acreages

This free CD is designed for Extension educators who conduct workshops for small landowners. Five modules cover goal setting and property inventory, soils, water, plants and animals. Each module includes worksheets and a PowerPoint presentation. Contact Susan Donaldson, University of Nevada, (775) 784-4848.

California 4-H Wildlife Habitat Relationships

4-H leaders in California developed their own version of the national 4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program that incorporates NRCS practices and standards so older youth can initiate fundable practices for improving wildlife habitat. Project WILD and Learning Tree modules are included for beginners. Contact Lee Fitzhugh, 530-752-1496.

Summit 2003- Private Forests in Washington State

This forum was established to facilitate communications between private forest landowners and legislative, regulatory, public, environmental, and academic stakeholders. Plenary, technical, and participatory sessions will address markets, urbanization, forest fragmentation, forest certification and forest health.

Utah Tree Browser CD

CD includes 216 fact sheets on trees native to or commonly found in the Intermountain West. Users can narrow their search by selecting from 21 general, growth-related, ornamental, or cultural characteristics. Contact

Utah State Forestry Extension Website

This is an outstanding new web site about forestry in Utah and the West, containing information for landowners, businesses, homeowners, kids and teachers.

Willamette Valley Groundwater Project

Researchers and educators are working to help residents better understand the groundwater in the Willamette Valley. Project includes well water testing, information about research underway, classes about managing well and septic systems, workshops on recommended farming practices, public meetings and more.

And More from the Northeast

Microbial Source Tracking in Surface Water

A microbial source tracking technique was used in two coastal Maine watersheds to determine the source of fecal contamination in surface waters. Preliminary results indicate that the most common source species is humans and that the combination of all wildlife species was slightly more common than humans.

WVA Cattle Producers Obtain Price Premium for Environmental Production

The Headwaters Farm cooperative markets mostly grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef, grazed with limited access to the Potomac River. Locals and Washington DC residents pay an average price of $5 pound, about 25% higher than market price.

Deep Row Biosolid Applications Grow Trees

Application of biosolids @ 171 dry tons per acre on hybrid poplar sites has had no negative water quality impacts since 1983. This research has potential on 10,000 acres of sand and gravel spoils in the metro area.


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